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Chikita (Patch)

Chikita (Patch)

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Un par de rivales que comparten un largo legado de los que podrían ser quizá los fanáticos más incorregibles y depravados que haya en el planeta.


  • "First Child" PATCHES: 4" x 5" (Logo) - WOVEN | 3" x 5" (Chibi) - EMBROIDERED
  • "Second Child" PATCHES: 4" x 5" (Logo) - WOVEN | 3.62" x 5" (Chibi) - EMBROIDERED
  • Creado y diseñado junto a TAIYO.
  • Cosplays by @petra.fyed & @uzileks. Please take the time to check them out and show some support by purchasing this product! Alternatively, please check out the prints for the photography they did here.
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